i wish it were possible and standard practise to package/virtualise/dockerise development environments
i spend so much time figuring out how to set up my vscode and dev environment each time i join a project or grab something from a git repo to tinker with and like, i can't be the only one who spends hours trying to figure out why vscode isn't resolving vue.js paths properly or whatever absurd configuration quirk is causing my editor to throw a bunch of errors even though the code is valid and compiles properly

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@gaeel this drove me up the wall at my last job and it's exactly the same at my current job. iirc there were some efforts back when vagrant was a thing?

imo in a perfect world projects would be considered incomplete and unmaintainable without some basic ass documentation containing instructions like "here's how to set up your dev environment" that are actually tested and don't just work on the main/previous person's machine

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@gaeel I can only speak for python and java projects. But for those: oh gosh yes.
python is kinda okay with helpers such as pyenv or just virtual environments, but I've never ever gotten to build a gradle or ant project on the first try, even when following the instructions to the letter.