Been away for a while, guess it's time for a new #introductions post!

Hi, I'm Gaeel, I live in the north of France with my boyfriend and two cats. I wrestle every day with my ADHD brain, making it write code for a living.
These days I play a bunch of TTRPGs, GMing and playing Lancer, and also playing D&D5E.

I like sci-fi, people, and food.
I like music that goes hard.
I like music that chills me out.
I like finding new things to nerd out about.
I like Formula One.

I'm using for this little fediverse home. If you're looking for a tiny, lightweight, single-user fediverse thing that's only a little bit unstable, I highly recommend it.

Come say hi!

mi toki kin toki pona, o kama toki tawa mi, a!