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long - thoughts on my setup so far

I got a 104hp 4U rack from Modulaire Maritime, and I intend for that to be the entirety of my system. I'm inspired by some of the smaller systems that people like Ricky Tinez and Mylar Melodies have shown off. Aiming for something with a little bit of playful generativity, focused on something that is relatively playable and prone to happy accidents.

This jam is after I figured out how to have the Bastl Kastle, uO_C and Pocket Operator all running on the same clock.
The uO_C is great for me, small footprint and lots of ways to produce lovely sequences that play really nicely with the Antumbra Knit.
The Knit, an MI Plaits clone, I feel is a great little system starter module, since you can get so much out of it with very little else attached. No need for EGs, filters or VCAs to get a nice, playable voice. I might swap it out later when I try to find a more personal sound.
And the QU-Bit RT60 is a great end of chain effects unit. I love the sound of its reverbs. I kind of wish the delay was clockable, but other than that, I feel like it's going to stay in this rack for a while.
Modulaire Maritime also make the Victor Alpha mixer. Four mono channels that can be panned L<->R, making it perfect for the setup I have right now.

I've got the Kastle outputting its internal LFO as a clock to the uO_C, which forwards the clock to the Pocket Operator. That way they're all playing in sync. The uO_C is sequencing the Knit, which is playing through the RT60.
This setup is quite jammable, and I'm happy to have something so fun to play around with with so few modules. I have a Stages and a Buff Mult 1U on the way, because I'd like a little more modulation, flexibility and hands-on control. After that I think I'll explore the space I've built myself until I figure out what the system really needs next.
I have quite a few modules I'm eyeing out already, and have built so many theoretical systems on Modular Grid it's not even funny any more, but seeing how much can be done with so little, I feel like I'm going to enjoy my modular journey!

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self reply Added to my playlist of "small modular system ideas":

I'm literally just tossing in videos that are about a small systems that sound good.
I've seen too many comments like "4U? Hah, you'll fill that up and get a new case in no time, might as well get a 9U case straight away", and like... I get it, but even if money is no object (which, let's be honest, it is), I have limited space in my room, and I'd like to be able to take my system to a friends house and jam with them

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@gaeel haha, I build myself a 9U into a suitcase. heavy but still portable and the reason are mylars live-setups. I wanted to have a party in a box. Took me 3 years but I got it filled and I love it. even played a gig just before the pandemic. Now with the lockdown I'm trying to make it more into an instrument that plays one part and.. it's too big for that. so many moving parts that it either takes all my attention or almost none. always ups and downs. still fun to jam on :3

in reply to jakob Oh, I totally understand having a 9U case, and that isn't even really that big compared to a lot of setups
It's just a bit annoying seeing people on various forums tell newbies that it's necessary or inevitable to just grow continuously
It's only after looking into musicians who use smaller systems to great effect that I convinced myself that I would be able to have fun with something more reasonable

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