I gave an online classe for the first time ever yesterday
It went quite well, it's a little hard to keep my own energy levels up, but the students were mostly quite communicative, which both helped me guage how well they were following, and also made it easy for me to help, and for them to help each other
They usually don't ask quite so many questions, probably out of fear of disrupting the class, but because of the text format, they felt more comfortable letting me know when they needed more explanations, so I really appreciated this format

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If you understand French, and are interested in a three-hour lecture about programming and adding "juice" to games made in Unity, the stream replay is available on Youtube
And here's the base Unity project, at the before_class tag so you can follow along: arkanoid-clone-2@before_class

We start with a simple Arkanoid-style game, and use tasteful colours, screenshake, tweens, and particles to bring it to life
You'll need Unity 2019.3.3f1 and have a basic understanding of scripting to follow along
During the class, we talk a bit about structs and delegates, two programming concepts that are often overlooked, aren't too hard to understand, and come in handy for me quite often

18 Mars - Matin - delegates, doTween et particules

Les sources sont disponibles sur Git ici:...