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Arkab-Goodrun Station

Initially built from the remains of RSS Arkab and USO Gudrun Hearth, two freighters that became stranded in the Outer Rim. The original owners, weighing the risks of a rescue operation against the value of the cargo, decided to let the crews make their own plan to find their ways home. The crews struck a deal with local residents, mostly miners, salvagers and pirates, living out of ships and repurposed outpost stations: The Arkab and Gudrun Hearth would be turned over, in exchange for safe transport to Rao Co for any crew-members who wished.

The freighters were docked and welded together, creating a central hub for the scattered population in the area. Some of the original crew-members also decided to stay and join this fledgling community.
With the cargo and now un-needed starfaring equipment of the Arkab and Gudrun Hearth, the community had supplies to live off of or sell.
Bootstrapped and named Arkab-Goodrun, the new station attracted people who needed a home, or at least a place to return to from time to time.

It's still possible to make out the shapes of Arkab and Gudrun Hearth, but other ships have been added over the years, along with various bespoke and specialised constructions between the ships and around the entire structure.
Habitation hubs, manufacturing bays, markets, medical facilities and schools have all been set up as the needs of the inhabitants and visitors of Arkab-Goodrun evolved over time.

A semi-formal political structure has developed on Arkab-Goodrun.
Districts are typically self-managed, the users or inhabitants deciding how best to allocate resource use within.
A station-wide council, called the Admiral is composed of delegates from each district. The Admiral meets regularly to coordinate on station-wide needs and events, or to settle disputes between districts.
There is often friction between districts on Arkab-Goodrun, usually because of conflicting needs, or a percieved imbalance of resource use between them. This has very occasionally turned violent, but in the vast majority of cases, the situations are eventually resolved peacefully. Either through conversation and Admiral mediation, or with help from surrounding districts working to find a mutually beneficial agreement.