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i'm still unreasonably proud of "oust sort", a pessimal sorting algorithm i designed a couple years ago
you can see it in action here:
the algorithm is super simple:
- look for the first out-of-order pair of elements in the array
- send the first element of that pair to the end of the array
- repeat until the array is sorted

it's called "oust sort", although i sometimes also call it "yeet sort", because the idea is to find an element that isn't in the right place, and just get rid of it (for now)
if you watch it play out, at first it just looks a bit silly, lobbing element out of the way with great abandon, but after a while, a hilarious property emerges: the "unsorted" part of the array ends up being sorted too, but in reverse order
this is doubly absurd in that when this property emerges, it leads to the algorithm infuriatingly tossing away the next element it needs each time a new element is sorted into place
it's not the most pessimal algorithm, but these little absurdities, along with its simplicity, is something that i find oddly beautiful