probably a very newbie-ish question for people who run web servers out there: how do you manage port numbers?
in my case, i'm running this activitypub node, along with a few websites for various projects, all on a vps, with nginx doing the routing between domains and the actual services
so far when i add a new service, i pick a "random" port number by just… thinking one up, and hoping it's not already used

there's got to be a better way, right?
just keep a document with used ports and their services?
or is there a tool that real sysadmins use?

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@gaeel I never administered a server that I shared with others, so I just picked "random" ports below 10k - 8888, 8080, 8443, ..
my site is now on uberspace and they have a custom tool where you can ask for a port and in the background the routing and firewall is set up - and nobody else can claim it ( )
imo document with config details is enough, I'd probably forget to use the tool if I wasn't forced to do it because of shared resources

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