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just found out that google is killing their play music app and "merging" it with youtube music

what this means is that to listen to any music you bought on play music, you'll have to pay a 10$/mo subscription to youtube music, otherwise you'll get ads and won't be able to navigate away from the app or close the screen while listening, even if you're listening to music you bought

for a short while you can request a download link for all of your google play music stuff here:
get it now, as they've announced that they'll be shutting that down soon, and you'll lose your free access to music you've paid for

finally pulled the trigger

ordered a modulaire maritime accra 4u 84hp case and my first three modules
got modulaire maritime's "victor alpha" mixer, alm busy circuit's "pamela's new workout" sequencer, and antumbra's "knit" voice (6hp version of mutable instruments' "plaits")

the rules i set myself are:
- this case is the limit
- outside of this order, only second-hand or diy stuff
- only order from europe to minimise shipping

while i wait for things to arrive, i guess i can just stare at the modulargrid page, lol

Having Emoji

Having Emoji - Eurorack Modular System from Gaeel


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the real tragedy of the effort towards better handling of digital Arabic text is that even our loftiest goals are a compromise. most systems can't even do the super basic A in the first image correctly. few can pull off B, allowing letters to stack and bend, preserving some of the flourish and nuance of the script. the second image -- which is still text! -- is just not on the table. it's the kind of thing we're leaving behind to exist on computers.

self reply

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doomposting with a slightly positive bent

we're not living through an unprecedented epidemic. there have been plagues and epidemics ever since life has roamed the earth.
we're not living through an unexpected epidemic. with highly urbanised populations travelling around the globe, it's inevitable that world-wide pandemics will hit us. if anything, it's strange we haven't been hit by epidemics like this more often.

to continue with the doomposting a bit, it's obvious to me that the governments we live under (at least the government i live under) is either unwilling or unable to properly deal with this kind of situation.

as i approach the one year anniversary of lockdown one, and have been living in the almost exclusive company of my boyfriend and two cats, my brain is putting things together.
my mental health is taking a toll, i almost cried this morning looking at a stock photo of some beers and a plate of fries, thinking about how much i want to be able to just hang out with a bunch of friends, shoot the shit and enjoy the company of human beings.
and as per the opening statements in this post: this situation is neither unprecedented nor unexpected, nor do i have any reason to believe that future pandemics will be dealt with properly

i want to start preparing for reasonable worst case scenarios. the mind can easily drift to horrible apocalyptical scenarios, but i don't think that's reasonable not useful to think about. however, i don't think it's unreasonable to expect that a significant proportion of my future will be spent in pandemic lockdowns, in a bubble of whoever i happen to live with

my boyfriend and i are considering trying to get a bigger place to move in with some other friends, to at least have a face to face social circle bigger than our couple and some furry friends, and even if this is the only pandemic we have to live through, i don't think it'd be too bad to live in a home with some close friends, right?

is this something you're also thinking about? are you also considering changes to make future pandemics more livable? have you already made changes that made your lockdowns more bearable, or even enjoyable?

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life update

Not posted here in a while so here's a life update!
Got a new job at Goto Games. I'm in charge of building a new client for one of their online Contract Bridge games. Not the most exciting proposition, but it's turning out to be quite fun, and it's part of a really friendly team in a stable company with an excellent culture and benefits

Also, we adopted Bounty, the stray cat who's been hanging out in our yard recently. Vet says he's a healthy boy, and he's settled into the flat nicely. Aside from some little skirmishes with Patoune, who doesn't enjoy as much roughhousing, the two get on quite well.

Lancer TTRPG (spoilers if you're Nico)

Okay, just wrapped up my first Lancer mission, which ended with my players fighting against a paracausal defense system, projected by a blinkspace entity that appears in random places around the galaxy under mysterious circumstances.

And now for a few missions, I fully intend to stay 100% clear of paracausal shenanigans. Like "here's a taste of how weird things can get, now let's do some down to earth political intrigue for a while"