i wish it were possible and standard practise to package/virtualise/dockerise development environments
i spend so much time figuring out how to set up my vscode and dev environment each time i join a project or grab something from a git repo to tinker with and like, i can't be the only one who spends hours trying to figure out why vscode isn't resolving vue.js paths properly or whatever absurd configuration quirk is causing my editor to throw a bunch of errors even though the code is valid and compiles properly

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Honestly, the CHAZ is a surreal experience. It's like...a vision of arcadia, but it's actually fucking real.

Kindness and support between everyone pretty much at all times, an abundance of food and drink, a public square dedicated to listening and learning from black activists

Like...damn. If you told me I'd see this four years ago I'd call you a liar

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self reply

politics (general)

my brain is too fried for proper political thinking these days, and maybe i'm missing some subtleties somewhere, but this all seems so weird to me anyway
like, money isn't real?
food is real, a roof is real, getting pills for our broken bodies and brains is real, being with people we love is real, making art is real, monuments and gardens and all the things that actually matter to peole are real
money is just a wrapper we came up with to help us deal with all of these real things, but it's so obviously not working

i'm having trouble formulating these thoughts, apologies for the drivel

i see people working their butts off for no money, preparing food for the needy, helping homeless people find a place to sleep, making facemasks for caretakers; and even in things that are less obviously charitable work, we help each other move homes, for instance
all of that has real world, tangible value, but none of it is paid

people don't actually care about money, and people tend to pitch in and help when given the chance
and besides, as long as there are enough people in the world willing to help things keep going, who cares if some people prefer not to do any work?

there's a part of me hoping the "economy" collapses really fucking hard, but we just keep going on, business as usual
doctors still seeing patients
farmers still growing food
truckers still supplying shops
bakers still making bread
and everyone still doing whatever it was they were doing before
unless they figure what they were doing wasn't helpful, and so they'd rather just chill at home, or take care of a relative, or go help clean up a street or something

i really think we can do this, but first we have to forget what money is

politics (general)

ubi sort of worries me, as a concept
the reason necessities cost what they do is because that's how much the owners can charge for them, if people are given extra money, it seems to me like the costs would just go up, right?
instead of giving money, we need to be given access to basic necessities
if everyone was provided with a studio flat, basic groceries, healthcare and education, for free, we get a bunch of extra beneficial effects
first, it ensures people actually have access to the things they need
second, it tracks with the market and inflation, so if basic necessities suddenly cost more, it ensures that access isn't hampered
and finally, it drives costs down, owners can't charge exhorbitant amounts for sub-par housing and food if people's needs are provided for

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hi fedi!

us in the cabal club are spending the next 7 weeks creating a subjective moderation system for cabal: a volunteer-driven & open source p2p project for resilient chat. [1]

we think it's important to ground the implementation in lived experiences, hearing concerns, and just listening to other people a bit

we're looking for people to interview & prioritizing those who identify as trans and/or women. please dm me if you are interested

thank you!

[1] https://cabal.chat

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i began a sourdough starter about three days ago

i have no equipment, i'm not following any particular tutorial or guide, just wingin' it
today i had more discard than the other days, so i figured i'd use some to try and make some bread as a test and to get a feel for the process
kneeded it and proofed it a couple times throughout the day, then popped it into the oven for about fourty odd minutes (added some salt, kneeded in before baking, with a little bowl of water in the oven to keep the humidity levels up)
it didn't rise much before baking, but did gain some volume in the oven
the texture was dense, but very fluffy. it had a nice bit of the sourdough tang, could have done with more salt or some seasoning. it was lovely with a nice spread of sea-salted butter

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PSA: I know image descriptions aren't possible for everyone and I respect that access-needs clash (all disabled people are familiar with this phenomenon). But I also know a lot more people can describe their images than are currently doing so.

If you can, you should describe
* jokes and memes; it's no good telling me I'm not missing anything
* gifs and videos
* your art! I see so much art I can't boost
* cute animal pics; I'm always sad when I can't boost the cute dogs
* audio clips too!

virtual reality hardware

the lease for the shared office i was in has expired, and in moving stuff out, i set up some of the furniture in my office at home
this shelf-drawer unit turned out to provide a perfect storage system for my hmd

it's completely out of the way, cables neatly tucked inside and behind, safe from dust, snagging, my clumsiness and my cat
but it's literally seconds to set up, just pull out the box, and the cable can be rolled out


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I have a project that has been on my mind for ages. It started as a parody of dropbox when I bought the domain floppybox.cloud.

The idea was that people could sign up and get 1.44MB of webspace to do with what they wanted; even going so far as to mounting that storage so it appeared as a floppy drive on their computer.

I purchased the domain on a whim over a year ago and while I haven't had time to work on the project itself. I have thought about its concept.

I think it would work nicely as an website based digital art project.

Given the space constraint of 1.44MB it would be interesting to see how that challenege shapes how people develop their content.

It would be fascinating to see if any static generated magazine style websites popped up had a similar low digital cost and aethetic to the solar powered LOW←TECH MAGAZINE.


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